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 Cash Flow Ratios03-31-2015 
Operating Cash Flow Growth-YOY412.6%169.8%15.3%7.3%13.3%17.5%(0.4%)8.7%13.5%(0.4%) ---
Free Cash Flow Growth-YOY --- 323.7%(19.6%)76.4%40.4%18.2%(27.8%)13.4%14.1%20.6% ---
Cap Ex as a % of Sales6.8%13.4%15.6%11.3%9.6%10.0%11.6%11.3%11.9%9.7%10.0%
Free Cash Flow/Sales2.13%8.04%5.53%8.54%10.94%11.58%7.40%7.68%8.21%9.45%9.49%
Free Cash Flow/Net Income0.830.840.661.112.511.270.770.770.911.141.09
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