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by Debbie S. Wang

Bulls Say

Improving standards of living in the emerging markets should drive greater adoption of meat-heavy diets.
Companion animals are increasingly viewed as family members, drastically increasing their willingness to spend on pet health care.
Since the animal health industry lacks large payers like Medicare, single-payer governments, or large insurance companies, Zoetis maintains significant pricing power. Read more 

Bears Say

Potential regulation or restriction of antibiotic use in animals could harm Zoetis' production-animal product sales.
Lower-margin emerging market sales will make up an increasing portion of company sales, creating a headwind to Zoetis' margins.
Emerging market customers may be more price-sensitive and more open to using generic products. Read more 


With limited results by which to judge current management, we default to a standard stewardship rating. Juan Ramon Alaix ran the business as president of Pfizer's Animal Health business prior to the firm's separation. Under his leadership, Pfizer's   Read more 


Zoetis sells anti-infectives, vaccines, parasiticides, and other health products for animals. The firm earns the majority of its revenue from production animals (cattle,  Read more 

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