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by Peter Wahlstrom, CFA

Bulls Say

PC demand from emerging markets will support hard-drive demand.
HAMR will further stretch the cost advantage of HDD over NAND in terms of cost per gigabyte.
The growing penetration of hybrids indicates sustained popularity of hard drives as a storage medium. Read more 

Bears Say

PC/notebooks have been the biggest market for HDDs; tablets (using flash memory) spell out the end of this market.
All-flash data centers are the future of enterprise storage and will kill capacity hard drives and performance hard drives with higher RPMs.
Customers will prefer to integrate NAND and hard drives with tiered storage architectures, making hybrids redundant in the enterprise market. Read more 


We view Western Digital's stewardship of shareholder capital as standard. The leadership at WD has disciplined capital-allocation policies and a compensation structure that aligns well with shareholder interests.
Stephen Milligan was promoted to CEO   Read more 


Western Digital primarily manufactures and sells hard drives (95% of revenue) and solid-state drives. The company sells into client computer markets (notebooks and desktops   Read more 

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