Stock Research and Analysis

by Michael Waterhouse

Bulls Say

CEO Mike Pearson's experience as head of pharmaceutical consulting at McKinsey has helped Valeant quickly and efficiently integrate acquisitions.
Valeant has an extremely diversified portfolio, so it is not overly reliant on a single product or patent.
Valeant is well positioned to benefit from the rising incomes and growing demand for health care in Latin America and Central Europe. Read more 

Bears Say

Valeant is a second-tier player in ophthalmology, significantly trailing Novartis and Johnson & Johnson in market share.
Valeant's large debt load includes some floating rate loans, which leaves the firm exposed to larger interest expenses if rates rise.
Valeant's aggressive acquisition strategy brings significant financial and operational risks. Read more 


We award Valeant an Exemplary Stewardship Rating. J. Michael Pearson joined Valeant as CEO in February 2008. Before Valeant, he spent 23 years at McKinsey, where he rose to head of global pharmaceuticals and gained significant experience in acquisitions,  Read more 


Valeant Pharmaceuticals is a global specialty pharmaceutical firm with a focus on branded products for the dermatology, aesthetics, and ophthalmology markets. The firm also   Read more 

Undervalued Valeant's Unique Strategy Is Underappreciated 
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