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by Allan C. Nichols, CFA

Bulls Say

The firm has vastly improved its customer service ratings. TIM's network quality has recently been rated as the best in the sector.
TIM has reduced its exposure to mobile termination rates, which we expect to fall by 25% and 33%, respectively, over the next couple of years.
TIM has not only increased its market share, but the composition of its subscriber base is steadily improving. The growth in its postpaid base is three times as fast as the prepaid side. Read more 

Bears Say

The firm is completely repositioning its brand. While the new strategy targets contract customers, TIM's subscriber mix has weakened over the past two years.
Claro, Vivo, and Oi all have integrated their networks and increased their respective scale advantages over TIM.
Telecom Italia owns roughly 70% of the firm which creates an overhang on the stock. Read more 


The board of directors is a jointly deliberative body responsible for the company's top management. It is composed of seven members, each with a three-year term of office. In May 2012, Luca Luciani resigned as CEO of TIM Participacoes. In his three   Read more 


TIM Participacoes is a Brazil-based holding company involved in the telecommunications sector. It is controlled by TIM Brasil Servicos e Participacoes. TIM started its operations   Read more 

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