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by Dan Wasiolek

Bulls Say

The firm is entering the bookings commission market via its Instant Bookings initiative, which if successful will greatly expand the revenue opportunity.
Penetration levels are low and growing in the online travel advertising, emerging, and mobile markets. As the world’s largest travel metasearch company, the firm is well positioned for to benefit over the long term.
TripAdvisor is strengthening its network effect through both organic and inorganic initiatives. Read more 

Bears Say

Competition from new entrants that already have large user traffic could meaningfully affect the firm’s growth outlook.
Both Priceline and Expedia have made recent acquisitions into the metasearch marketplace, and are having success at building meaningful scale of user-generated reviews.
China is the main growth driver for the online travel markets over the next decade, and Qunar and CTrip are growing revenue and user-generated reviews faster than TripAdvisor here. Read more 


We think TripAdvisor's stewardship of shareholder capital is standard. TripAdvisor has been using capital toward acquisitions in attractive areas. In 2014 the company acquired both Viator (leading tours site) and LaFourchettes (leading European restaurant   Read more 


TripAdvisor is the world’s leading travel metasearch company. The website offers over 225 million reviews, and information on more than 3.0 million restaurants, 950,000   Read more 

Priceline May Be Just the Ticket 
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