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by Allan C. Nichols, CFA

Bulls Say

Historically, Latin America provided Telefonica with some of the fastest growth of the European incumbents. However, this growth is slowing, and recently Latin American currencies have mostly been dropping faster relative to the euro than the Latin operations' revenue is growing.
Telefonica is leading the market in its move to a converged service of fixed-line and mobile telephony along with broadband and pay TV.
Telefonica's German subsidiary has acquired E-Plus from KPN, making it the largest wireless operator in the country by number of subscribers. Read more 

Bears Say

Volatile currencies in Latin America can negate growth when translated back to the parent company. This is evidenced by several devaluations in the Venezuelan bolivar and recent volatility in the Argentine peso and Brazilian real.
America Movil is a well-run competitor in Latin America, and unlike that of Telefonica, its balance sheet is strong.
The acquisitions of E-Plus and GVT have once again pushed up Telefonica’s debt levels, restricting the company's financial flexibility. Read more 


Cesar Alierta became chairman and CEO in August 2000. He was formerly CEO of Tabacalera, a tobacco firm; under his leadership, Tabacalera merged with Seita to create Altadis. Alierta has strong capital markets experience and has brought in many new   Read more 


Telefonica is the incumbent fixed-line and wireless telephone operator in Spain. It has the second-most wireless subscribers in the United Kingdom, and with the acquisition   Read more 

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