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by Rick Summer, CFA, CPA

Bulls Say

The explosive growth in data volume driven by cheaper storage and connected devices will drive increased spending on data analytics products.
Teradata's customers face meaningful switching costs, which should help the company's solutions be a strategic piece of newly deployed analytical applications.
The combination of Teradata's Aster products and its marketing solutions represents a faster-growing segment of the business analytics market. Read more 

Bears Say

Oracle and IBM have aggressively pursued a similar appliance strategy (integrating hardware and software), which has historically been a competitive differentiator for Teradata.
Several competitive software companies have considerably greater product portfolios and financial resources.
The technology roadmap for managing and analyzing data that is not suited for traditional rows and columns is still relatively immature. Teradata's success in supporting new business cases is far from certain, and some companies have shown a willingness to insource their capabilities. Read more 


Overall, we view Teradata's stewardship of shareholder capital as standard. Michael Koehler has served as chief executive officer and president since the company's spin-off from NCR in 2007. Previously, Koehler led the Teradata division of NCR after   Read more 


Teradata's 20-year history of providing data warehouses and analytics to large customers has led to more than 1,200 implementations. The company has made several acquisitions   Read more 

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