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by Adam Fleck, CFA

Bulls Say

Craft beer is one area of the beer market where volume is expanding, and Blue Moon is one of the largest craft brews in the U.S., with significant international expansion potential.
The firm is attempting to capture new markets by innovating products like the Redd’s fruit ale franchise, which is attempting to win women and spirits drinkers to Molson Coors.
Beer pricing has been largely rational despite increased competition; the firm has increased its top line in recent years based on pricing even with volume falling. Read more 

Bears Say

Molson Coors has seen volume decline recently as its largest markets have faced a secular shift away from beer to more wine and spirit consumption.
Craft brew consumption has been growing strongly in the U.S., suggesting that customers are trading up and away from Molson Coors' larger economy and premium brands.
The number of craft breweries has expanded materially in recent years, suggesting increased competition for the firm’s growing craft portfolio. Read more 


We believe Molson Coors' management team has been standard stewards of shareholders capital. Management has made some wise strategic decisions, such as the MillerCoors joint venture. However, it has also made some significant missteps, such as the Kaiser   Read more 


Molson Coors is a large global brewer. Major brands include Coors Light, Molson Canadian, Staropramen, Carling, Miller Lite, Keystone, Blue Moon, and Leinenkugel. The firm's   Read more 

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