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by Jason Stevens

Bulls Say

Seadrill owns one of the newest and most advanced deep-water fleets in the world.
Seadrill's opportunistic investing talents have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in gains for shareholders over the past decade.
Seadrill will repurchase up to 10% of outstanding shares with some of the cash that would have been used to pay dividends. Read more 

Bears Say

The 2014 and 2015 offshore market outlook is growing more challenging. Seadrill highlighted delays in capital spending on the part of the oil and gas companies, which means a lower level of fixtures, lead times, and contract durations and an increase in the number of rig sublets.
Seadrill's leveraged balance sheet could topple under its own weight during a sustained downturn in deep-water drilling.
Seadrill takes on additional financing risk by ordering many of its deep-water rigs without a contract in place. Read more 


We're not fans of Seadrill's conflicted board and related-party arrangements, but we acknowledge the skill of John Fredriksen and the Seadrill management team. Seadrill has grown to be one of the world's largest deep-water drillers in a very short time.  Read more 


Seadrill is one of the world's largest deep-water drillers. John Fredriksen founded the latest incarnation of the company in 2005; he previously built Frontline into one   Read more 

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