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by R.J. Hottovy, CFA

Bulls Say

R.R. Donnelley's core operations have generated profits despite intense price competition within the industry, illustrating its resiliency in a competitive industry.
The company's different business units are both operationally and financially leveraged to cyclical markets, so a sustained economic recovery could significantly boost the firm's results.
R.R. Donnelley can acquire print competitors for cheap multiples because of the industry's headwinds and create value as the firm consolidates the industry and generates synergies. Read more 

Bears Say

We anticipate that excess capacity will continue to be a headwind for the print industry because of high exit barriers.
R.R. Donnelley is exposed to highly cyclical markets, which could leave the company exposed to fierce price competition because of weak demand.
Demand for R.R. Donnelley's services could decline as more firms make the transition from traditional printing services to digital mediums, pressuring pricing across the sector. Read more 


We have assigned R.R. Donnelley a Poor equity stewardship rating. From our perspective, the executive team has efficiently managed the company's day-to-day operations. However, management has taken an aggressive approach of increasing leverage to finance   Read more 


R.R. Donnelley is a global provider of printing and media solutions. The firm has diversified printing operations in magazines, newspaper inserts, and forms and labels.   Read more 

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