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by Stefan Quenneville, CFA

Bulls Say

Eylea is on track to capture a significant share of the wet AMD and other ophthalmology markets because of its similar efficacy and more convenient dosing regimen compared with Lucentis and Avastin.
Sanofi has a significant ownership share in the firm, which could pave the way for an outright acquisition down the road.
Regeneron's prolific monoclonal antibody development platform has led to licensing deals with several Big Pharma firms and a very full pipeline of drug candidates. Read more 

Bears Say

Regeneron's Eylea is competing with Roche and Novartis in the ophthalmology market, and both Avastin and Lucentis are entrenched in the key market segments.
While Regeneron's alirocumab could enter a multi-billion-dollar cholesterol-lowering market, competitors like Amgen's evolocumab are also poised to enter.
Despite success in colorectal cancer trials, Regeneron's oncology drug Zaltrap has encountered trouble during trials in other cancer types and pushback because of its high cost. Read more 


We give Regeneron a Standard Stewardship Rating. Founder Leonard Schleifer has ably led Regeneron as chief executive since its inception in 1988. The board is led by P. Roy Vagelos, who has served as chairman since 1995 and is the former CEO of Merck,  Read more 


Regeneron Pharmaceuticals discovers, develops, and commercializes products that fight eye disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer and inflammation. The company has four   Read more 

A Biotech With a Growing Moat 
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