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by Keith Schoonmaker, CFA

Bulls Say

The increase in production rates announced by Boeing and Airbus, combined with higher content on the 737 MAX and A320neo, will power sales and profits in the near to medium term.
The firm will continue to make acquisitions that improve its product offering or enhance its internal supply of materials. Acquisitions totaled $8.2 billion over the last five years.
PCC is one of only a few manufacturers in the world that can produce large metal castings and meet the cost and quality demands of its customers. Read more 

Bears Say

PCC has little control over pricing as it serves an oligopolistic jet engine-making customer base, which itself remain pressured by the intensely competitive large aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus.
Oil and gas markets are weakening due to lower commodity prices, and will hurt sales at Precision.
If PCC is unable to offset decreased pricing and volumes with cost-cutting measures, margins will suffer. Read more 


PCC's management has created an integrated supply chain by identifying and integrating acquisitions, capturing synergies, and taking out costs quarter after quarter, as evidenced by the company's strong margin performance. GE alumnus Mark Donegan, who   Read more 


Precision Castparts makes complex metal components for aerospace, power generation, and other industrial applications. Its investment castings (25% of fiscal 2015 revenue)   Read more 

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