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by Greggory Warren, CFA

Bulls Say

With $166.7 billion in AUM at the end of the third quarter, Janus is a medium-size asset manager with a product portfolio that includes growth and value equity funds, as well as a growing fixed-income franchise.
Janus' fixed-income mutual funds continue to generate strong long-term investment performance, with 100% of its funds outperforming their peers on a three- and five-year total return basis at the end of September.
Over the past five-plus years, Janus' fixed-income operations have increased in size more than eightfold. Read more 

Bears Say

Janus is situated in the middle of a bunch of other midsize asset managers, lacking the distribution capabilities, visibility with investment advisors, and scale necessary to compete effectively with many of its peers.
With $52.2 billion of Janus' total AUM subjected to performance-based advisory fees, and most of these funds trailing their performance hurdles by a wide margin, it could take years before the firm sees a more normalized level of performance fee income.
While U.S. equity markets have nearly doubled since the end of 2008, Janus' equity AUM has increased just 23%. Read more 


Richard Weil has been CEO since February 2010. Steve Scheid, who had been chairman of the board since January 2004, retired in April 2012 and was replaced by Glenn Schafer (a director since December 2007). Janus has had five CEOs since founder Tom Bailey   Read more 


Janus Capital Group provides investment management services to individual and institutional investors. Assets are managed through three main subsidiaries: Janus, which focuses   Read more 

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