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by Norman Young

Bulls Say

Informatica has strong relationships with OEM partners such as SAP, Oracle, Accenture, and Hewlett-Packard to provide complementary products and data solutions.
The company is making a strong push into the fast-growing data integration market, which is still largely a greenfield market.
Informatica has plenty of room to grow with current customers, with an average of three products per customer. Read more 

Bears Say

Informatica faces increasing competition and commodification in its mainstay business of data warehousing.
As the firm moves up the value chain, it faces competition from some of its strategic partners and resellers.
Informatica's recent execution stumble is partially due to the inability to manage the growing size and complexity of its organization. Read more 


Overall, we view Informatica's stewardship of capital as standard. Sohaib Abbasi has been CEO and president of Informatica since July 2004 and chairman since March 2005, helping to make the firm the leading independent warehousing specialist and guiding   Read more 


Informatica is the leading independent developer and provider of data integration and data quality management software and services. The firm's products and services help   Read more 

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