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by Michael Waterhouse
Illumina's suite of top-of-the-line technologies has afforded the company a premium position within the genetic research niche of the life sciences industry. As the market share leader in both microarrays and sequencing, Illumina has benefited from   Read more 

Bulls Say

Illumina's systems offer solutions for both the low and high ends of the market, so customers can choose the performance and cost metrics that best satisfy their data and budgetary needs.
Armed with one of the most established technologies, Illumina is well-positioned to maintain a large share and expand its dominant presence in the NGS market.
Demand for Illumina's high-end sequencing technology is very strong, which suggests further rapid growth in this relatively new market. Read more 

Bears Say

The use of semiconductor chips in DNA sequencing, as opposed to optical detection, demonstrates great promise for fast and inexpensive sequencing. If this method proves to be superior, Illumina's technology could get leapfrogged and render the firm's products obsolete.
Illumina must continually innovate in order to stay ahead of the blistering pace of technological advancement as other players challenge the company for a piece of the pie.
Illumina receives a large portion of sales from academic and government end users. A restricted funding environment could weaken Illumina's growth. Read more 


Jay Flatley became president and chief executive officer of Illumina in 1999, shortly after the company's founding. Prior to joining Illumina, Flatley co-founded Molecular Dynamics, which developed and manufactured instrumentation for genetic discovery   Read more 


Illumina focuses on the development and distribution of instruments and related consumables for genetic analysis. The company operates within two core segments: microarrays   Read more 

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