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by Michael Wong, CFA, CPA

Bulls Say

New OTC products are continually being developed and may provide additional avenues for growth.
More electronic trading could increase volume and broker productivity.
If the inter-dealer broker industry consolidates, GFI Group is more likely to be an acquisition target, given its relatively small size and new CEO. Read more 

Bears Say

The insurgence of exchanges into the OTC market could decrease the OTC volume that inter-dealer brokers execute.
Higher volume from increased transparency in OTC derivative markets could be offset by trading profit margin compression.
Some of the company's top-performing brokers may be lured away by other firms. Read more 


Colin Heffron has been the CEO of GFI Group since early 2013. During his more than 25 years at the company, Heffron has had multiple positions, including president and head of operations in Europe. Founder and former CEO Michael Gooch is now executive   Read more 


GFI Group is one of the five largest publicly traded inter-dealer brokers, with more than 1,000 brokerage personnel and about 2,000 total employees. The company historically   Read more 

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