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by David Silver, CFA, CPA

Bulls Say

Fluor-led consortia are building the lion's share of new ethylene crackers in the U.S. Gulf, which will pay ongoing dividends as cheap and plentiful natural gas spurs successive rounds of petrochemical development.
Fluor's new joint venture with China's CNOOC is a strategic alliance that represents a step change in its cost-advantaged global fabrication and modular construction capabilities.
Fluor's Nu-Scale modular nuclear power plant design represents a novel concept with intriguing long-term growth potential. Read more 

Bears Say

A global economic slowdown plus declining mining and energy prices may heighten bidding competition among E&Cs and complicate management and employee retention priorities.
Expensive and complex projects in nontraditional locations often carry greater potential for cost overruns, execution problems, and larger geopolitical risks. Traditional contractual and risk management strategies often leave liability gaps.
Global E&C remains intensely competitive, including both traditional and nontraditional providers such as the in-house engineering units of many global industrials. Read more 


David Seaton was appointed CEO in 2011 and became chairman of the management board in 2012. Since joining Fluor in 1985, Seaton has held numerous positions in sales and global operations, including chief operating officer, senior group president of   Read more 


Fluor is a global provider of engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, and maintenance services to a wide range of customers, including oil and gas, manufacturing,  Read more 

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