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by Peter Wahlstrom, CFA

Bulls Say

CSPs will form a sticky customer base for EMC and will rapidly adopt complementary technologies.
EMC extends its technical superiority in newer technologies such as object storage and all-flash arrays.
Security, control, and regulations limit the migration of workloads off-premises, paving the way for continued growth in the storage industry. Read more 

Bears Say

Server SAN will chip away a huge part of growth for the ECB storage industry.
Geopolitical issues may significantly limit EMC’s total market opportunity.
Mergers and acquisitions in the industry will spring up a formidable competitor, threatening EMC’s dominance. Read more 


We view EMC's stewardship of shareholder capital as Standard. Joseph Tucci has been CEO since January 2001 and serves as chairman of the board. Tucci, who created the current federation structure in 2013, has announced his plans to step down as CEO   Read more 


EMC provides key data center technologies such as networked storage, server virtualization, and cloud-based application platform. The company operates in three segments:   Read more 

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