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by Brett Horn

Bulls Say

Equifax's businesses lines are characterized by the lack of capital required to run operations, high ROICs, and significant competitive advantages.
The scalable nature of Equifax's business could lead to margin improvement over time.
Equifax's international business raises its growth profile. Read more 

Bears Say

Equifax's efforts to expand its business could draw it into less moaty areas.
Equifax typically does not hedge its currency exposure, which could lead to a more volatile top line.
Compared with peer Experian, Equifax has taken a less value-creative path in expanding the business, in our opinion, and is not as well positioned to take advantage of international opportunities. Read more 


Chairman and CEO Richard Smith has led Equifax since 2005, coming to the company from General Electric. During his tenure, management has generally pursued a balanced approach to using its free cash flow. While most of the company's free cash flow has   Read more 


Equifax is one of the leading credit bureaus in the United States, providing the consumer information that is the basis for granting credit. The company also provides database   Read more 

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