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by Jeffrey Stafford, CFA

Bulls Say

Dow benefits from greater feedstock flexibility than the average basic chemical producer in North America and Europe, giving it opportunities for added profits in periods of fluctuating input and output prices.
Dow's investments in feedstocks at the U.S. Gulf Coast and in the Middle East should boost profitability for its downstream businesses.
After a rocky start to the Dow/Rohm and Haas marriage, the combined company is on track to meet its synergy targets. Read more 

Bears Say

A plethora of announced petrochemical projects in the U.S. could eventually lead to oversupply.
Lower oil prices should be pressure on Dow's North American-based ethylene operations.
As seen in 2009, Dow operates in a cyclical industry that can get pounded by downturns in the global economy. The recent slowdown in GDP growth does not bode well for Dow's near-term prospects. Read more 


Andrew Liveris started at Dow Chemical in 1976 and moved his way up the ranks to become COO in 2003 and CEO in 2004, adding the role of chairman in 2006. During his long career at Dow, Liveris has gained experience in manufacturing, engineering, sales,  Read more 


Organized in 1897, Dow Chemical is one of the world's largest chemical and materials companies, manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of intermediaries and building   Read more 

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