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by Stephen Ellis

Bulls Say

City National's expansion of its wealth-management operations should help the company balance out its banking income.
An improving economy will eventually drive interest margins higher while propelling loan growth, helping City National grow its net interest income. Read more 

Bears Say

The California recovery could stall or even reverse course, hurting profitability.
Interest rates may remain low for an additional extended period, limiting City National's earnings growth.
Competition for the well-heeled customers that City National targets may escalate, which could damage margins and growth prospects. Read more 


In our view, City National's stewardship of shareholder capital is standard. For years, the company was run by a family team at the top, with Bram Goldsmith as chairman and his son, Russell Goldsmith, as CEO. In 2013, the younger Goldsmith took on both   Read more 


Los Angeles-based City National caters to small and medium businesses and well-off individuals such as entrepreneurs and professionals. The bank has nearly 80 offices, more   Read more 

3 Banking Takeaways From the Quarter 
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