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by Daniel Rohr, CFA

Bulls Say

Cemex has a strong position in emerging markets, where prospects for robust demand for building materials are much brighter.
The global cement industry is fairly consolidated, especially in developed markets, which bodes well for producers.
Cemex has a widespread distribution network and leading brands to serve the Mexican market, where retail sales of cement through distributors account for a significant portion of demand. Read more 

Bears Say

Cemex's financial health is precarious. The company will need to look to small asset sales and equity issuance to avoid punitive financing costs.
Cemex has an aggressive acquisition and financing strategy, which increases shareholders' exposure to cyclical downturns.
As long as Cemex sports the weakest balance sheet of the major global cement players, its competitive position will probably deteriorate as it's forced to consider asset sales and capital expenditure reductions. Read more 


CEO Fernando Gonzalez was appointed CEO in May 2014 after the untimely passing of long-serving CEO Lorenzo Zambrano. Gonzalez joined Cemex in 1989 and served as CFO since 2011. With the passing of Lorenzo Zambrano, the chairman position was passed to   Read more 


Cemex is a leading global producer of cement, ready-mix concrete, and aggregates. In 2012, the company sold 65.8 million metric tons of cement, 54.9 million cubic meters   Read more 

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