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by Carr Lanphier
Cree is one of the world's top manufacturers of light-emitting diodes, an energy-efficient alternative to traditional bulb lighting. We expect Cree will grow its top line and bottom line over the next five years because of new energy regulations, shrinking   Read more 

Bulls Say

LED lights have much longer useful lives than incandescent bulbs. Although LEDs have higher up-front costs, they have an overall lower cost to customers over the entire life of the product.
Cree is one of the technological leaders in the LED industry, as its highest-performing chips are brighter per watt than those of most competitors.
Several countries have instituted bans on incandescent bulbs, which should force customers to switch to alternative lighting solutions such as LEDs. Read more 

Bears Say

Samsung, LG, and others have entered the LED industry, which we believe led to overcapacity and increased competition for Cree and others.
LED lighting firms are trying to take share from traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights, a well-established market led by large electronics firms such as Philips and GE.
The Chinese government has subsidized the purchase of LED tools, which has enabled many small Chinese startups to ramp up chip production and could lead to a new wave of competition for Cree in the years ahead. Read more 


Overall, we view Cree's stewardship of shareholder capital as Standard. Charles Swoboda is chairman, president, and CEO. He worked his way up from a general manager position at one of Cree's former subsidiaries, Real Color Displays, where he began in   Read more 


Cree is a leading developer and manufacturer of light-emitting diode chips, components, and lighting solutions. LED lights are considered to be more efficient and have a   Read more 

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