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by Greggory Warren, CFA

Bulls Say

Cohen & Steers' proven long-term record investing in REITs has allowed it to tap into investor demand for alternative investment products that offer diversification away from more traditional stock and bond offerings.
Cohen & Steers' funds are entrenched in the broker/dealer market, and the firm has been garnering an increasingly larger portion of its AUM from institutional clients, providing it with a relatively stable base of assets.
Of the $10.7 billion of inflows that Cohen & Steers has generated since the start of 2009, more than one third have come from the institutional channel. Read more 

Bears Say

Cohen & Steers lives and dies by the state of real estate markets and the specialty finance firms making a living off them.
Net outflows of more than $1.9 billion during 2013 would have been worse had Cohen & Steers not raised $765 million from the launch of new closed-end funds.
With management fees significantly lower for institutional accounts than they are for closed-end and open-end funds, growth in the firm's institutional channel has a negative impact on Cohen & Steers' realization rate. Read more 


Martin Cohen and Robert Steers cofounded Cohen & Steers in 1986 and took the firm public in 2004. Despite being publicly traded, Cohen & Steers continues to resemble a private company in many ways. Cohen and Steers serve as executive chairman   Read more 


Cohen & Steers is a niche asset manager concentrating on real estate securities. The firm invests primarily in the equity shares of real estate investment trusts, with   Read more 

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