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by Vishnu Lekraj

Bulls Say

Cerner is a top-tier player in the health-care IT industry as its software is highly integrated into the operations of several large provider networks.
The firm has internally developed much of its software, which makes its product lineup one of the most seamless and effective within the health care IT sector.
The secular demand tailwinds for Cerner’s products are robust given ACA mandates that require providers to upgrade their health records management systems. This highly positive trend will be enhanced over the next several years by changing payer reimbursement structures. Read more 

Bears Say

Given the critical nature of Cerner’s products, any issue with its software development can create major operational headwinds.
Competition could increase as many well capitalized players have made major moves into the health care IT market.
A material portion of Cerner’s products have been developed to assist providers with regulatory compliance and any governmental changes to current mandates would create headwinds for the firm. Read more 


We believe stewardship at Cerner has been solid with the firm being led by CEO Neal Patterson for close to the last four decades. Patterson has been at the helm since he cofounded Cerner in 1979 and has built the health care player into a major industry   Read more 


Cerner is a top-tier health-care information technology supplier that helps to eliminate errors and improve efficiency within health-care organizations. The company provides   Read more 

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