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by Peter Wahlstrom, CFA

Bulls Say

Management looks to phase out legacy products and invest in areas of growth.
CA is in the top three by market share in both mainframe services and enterprise IT management.
The firm consistently returns capital to shareholders through a combination of dividends and share repurchases. Read more 

Bears Say

CA's growth is held back by mainframe market dynamics and legacy product investment decisions in the enterprise business.
Recent self-inflicted execution problems have left CA playing catch-up to more nimble SaaS competitors in the enterprise IT management market.
Larger IT companies are vying for a piece of the enterprise IT management market and can offer a bundled solution. Read more 


Overall, we view CA's stewardship of capital as standard. CEO Michael Gregoire is a recent addition, replacing William McCracken, who retired after a relatively short tenure. Gregoire was chairman, president, and CEO of cloud-based talent management   Read more 


CA Technologies develops and sells software and services through three business segments: mainframe solutions, enterprise solutions, and services. Mainframe solutions helps   Read more 

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