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by Stephen Ellis

Bulls Say

The spin-off of Blackstone Advisory in 2015 will free the unit from conflicts of interest and put the advisory firm on a stronger growth trajectory. Blackstone will retain 65% ownership, letting it benefit from any improvements.
Blackstone has already inbounded billions within UCITS and '40 Act mutual funds structures, illustrating its early success at penetrating the retail channel.
The acquisition of Strategic Partners has paid dividends already. Blackstone closed on the $4.4 billion fund in late 2014, which is nearly twice the size of earlier funds. Read more 

Bears Say

A downturn in the equity markets could leave potential Blackstone limited partners with limited liquidity and large commitments to other funds, making it very difficult for Blackstone to raise new capital.
Blackstone’s clawback obligations total almost $1.4 billion, and it reportedly had to refund cash to partners in 2010. If investment returns suffer, Blackstone could see embarrassing and financially painful clawbacks.
Tougher compliance rules, particularly in Europe and China, could make it harder for Blackstone to market and raise capital for any new funds. Read more 


Chairman and CEO Stephen Schwarzman co-founded Blackstone in 1985 and has been involved in all phases of the firm's development since that time. We believe that Schwarzman and the other general partners at Blackstone have run the firm about as effectively   Read more 


Blackstone is the world’s largest alternative asset manager, with more than $325 billion in assets under management. More than just private equity, the firm manages large   Read more 

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