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by Todd Wenning

Bulls Say

Bemis has the pricing power to pass increasing input costs onto the majority of its customers, thereby allowing it to maintain its flexible packaging margins.
Bemis' economies of scale and scope, paired with its high-valued packaging and materials expertise, create barriers to entry for competitors.
Management has historically done a good job at deleveraging after making acquisitions. Read more 

Bears Say

Bemis has significant exposure to Brazil, where economic growth has been slower than expected. Regional food inflation has hurt consumer demand for higher-margin packaged goods, where Bemis has the widest advantage over competitors.
Rising food prices that aren't fully offset by consumer wage growth will lead to lower volumes and negatively affect Bemis' margins.
The PSM business will continue to be a drag on overall profitability and destroy shareholder capital. Read more 


We award Bemis a Standard stewardship rating. Henry Theisen became CEO in 2008, 33 years after he began working at Bemis. He brings decades of experience in various research and development, marketing, and management positions. In 2013, Theisen was   Read more 


Bemis manufactures flexible packaging primarily for the food and beverage industry, but also for the medical and consumer product industries. Additionally, Bemis makes pressure-sensitive   Read more 

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