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by Karen Andersen, CFA

Bulls Say

Biogen leads the $20 billion global MS market with Avonex and Tysabri, and the launch of Tecfidera secures the firm's dominance for at least the next several years.
Despite two recent cases of PML, Tecfidera's safety and efficacy profile and its oral administration make it a strong option for first-line MS patients, allowing for multibillion-dollar peak sales potential.
Biogen launched two hemophilia drugs in 2014, which should help diversify revenue and further boost sales growth sparked by Tecfidera. Read more 

Bears Say

Avonex has lost its edge as the leading MS drug. Similar competitors nip at its heels, novel oral therapies are launching, and generic Copaxone could trigger more discounting.
Tysabri's efficacy could be overshadowed by worrisome side effects as additional cases of PML are reported in Tysabri users and as patients who test positive for the JC virus antibody discontinue therapy.
XenoPort, Alkermes, and Forward Pharma are developing drugs that are similar to Tecfidera but may be able to bypass Tecfidera's patents, and their entry could shorten Tecfidera's growth trajectory. Read more 


We award Biogen a Standard Stewardship Rating. James C. Mullen, who worked his way up to CEO and chairman of Biogen before the merger, served as Biogen Idec's CEO and president until his retirement in June 2010. George Scangos took over as CEO in July   Read more 


Biogen and Idec merged in 2003, combining forces to market Biogen's multiple sclerosis drug Avonex and Idec's leading cancer drug Rituxan. Today, Rituxan and next-generation   Read more 

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