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by Daniel Rohr, CFA

Bulls Say

For certain medical treatments, traditional drug delivery via pill or syringe may not be ideal and there could be a migration toward inhaler and spray delivery in these areas.
Aptar has strong relationships with multinational consumer goods and pharmaceutical companies, and should thus find plenty of business in the emerging economies of Asia and Latin America.
Aptar's pharmaceutical segment will continue to generate generous amounts of free cash flow to help internally finance the group's international expansion plans and maintain its investment-grade credit rating. Read more 

Bears Say

There have been many dispensing innovations in recent years, particularly in the consumer goods space, so we may have passed the peak of the current replacement cycle.
Some pharmaceutical companies have taken drug delivery development in-house. If that trend intensifies, it could result in lower demand for Aptar's pharmaceutical products.
The consolidation of large consumer products and pharmaceutical companies will reduce Aptar's bargaining power over its customers. Read more 


We give Aptar an Exemplary stewardship rating, as we believe its management has consistently made good use of shareholder capital. The most recent example of prudent capital allocation is Aptar's augmented stock repurchase program at a time we consider   Read more 


Aptar is a leading global supplier of dispensing systems such as aerosol valves, pumps, and closures to the consumer goods and pharmaceutical markets. With the bulk of its   Read more 

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