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by Andy Ng

Bulls Say

The increase in materials needed to fabricate semiconductors at advanced technology nodes will drive growth for ATMI in the long run.
ATMI is well positioned with the top semiconductor manufacturers in the world.
Because of its many advantages, chip manufacturers have adopted ATMI's technology as the industry standard for gas storage and delivery. Read more 

Bears Say

The firm faces much larger competitors that have sales in the billions, in comparison with ATMI's revenue of roughly $407 million in 2012.
ATMI has been investing heavily to develop its HPD platform.
ATMI may be exposed to inventory buildups by customers because of long transport times for its products and supply contracts with no minimum purchase requirements. Read more 


Douglas Neugold joined ATMI in 1998 and was named CEO in late 2004 to succeed longtime CEO and co-founder Eugene Banucci. Before ATMI, Neugold held various management positions with specialty chemical firm Johnson Matthey. In September 2007, Tim Carlson   Read more 


ATMI supplies materials, delivery systems, and high-purity packaging products required to make semiconductors. Chipmakers consume ATMI's materials, such as reactant gases,  Read more 

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