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by Michael Rawson, CFA
Fidelity Spartan Total Market Index is an ideal core stock fund because it offers low-cost, comprehensive coverage of the U.S stock market.As its name implies, this fund covers virtually the entire U.S. stock market, holding around 3,350 stocks. Investors   Read more 

Process Pillar:Positive

Fidelity Spartan Total Market Index tracks the Dow Jones US Total Market Index, which consists of nearly all listed U.S. equities that meet minimum liquidity requirements. While the index holds roughly   Read more 

Performance Pillar:Positive

While many advocates of active investing question why anyone would ever want to accept merely average returns, market averages are hard to beat consistently, after fees. In fact, this fund has beaten   Read more 

People Pillar:Neutral

The fund is managed by a team of portfolio managers at subadvisor Geode Capital Management, which Fidelity spun off in 2003. The team includes Patrick Waddell, Louis Bottari, Peter Matthew, and Deane Gyllenhaal. Patrick Waddell is a senior portfolio   Read more 

Price Pillar:Positive

With a razor-thin 0.05% net expense ratio, this is one of the lowest-cost funds available. That represents just $5 for every $10,000 invested for the Advantage share class, which requires a $10,000 minimum   Read more 

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