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Fund Research and Analysis

by Christopher Franz, CFA
Manager Jeff Feingold is nearly six years into Fidelity Magellan’s makeover. Compared with his bolder predecessor, Feingold takes a more constrained approach, aiming to spread out the fund's bets and better control risk. While the fund has beaten its   Read more 

Process Pillar:Neutral

Like many Fidelity managers, Jeff Feingold focuses on firms that can quickly increase their earnings. Beyond relying on analysts' fundamental research, he uses a quantitative model that looks at metrics   Read more 

Performance Pillar:Neutral

Manager Jeff Feingold is nearing his six-year mark at this fund. From his mid-September 2011 start through July 2017, the fund’s 14.7% annualized gain beats its average large-growth peer by roughly one   Read more 

People Pillar:Positive

Jeff Feingold has run the fund since September 2011. Feingold, who brings a wealth of experience to the post, is the latest in a string of managers who have sought to return this fund to its glory days under investing icon Peter Lynch. Feingold began   Read more 

Price Pillar:Positive

This fund's expense ratio can fluctuate because of a performance-fee adjustment, which is based on the fund's three-year return versus the S&P 500 (for every percentage point of out- or underperformance,  Read more 

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