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by Gretchen Rupp
Columbia Value & Restructuring is slated to merge with Columbia Contrarian Core SMGIX in May 2016. This fund has turned in consistently solid results since Guy Pope (who has managed Contrarian Core in a similar manner since 2005) took the lead following   Read more 

Process Pillar:Positive

Manager Guy Pope screens for large-cap stocks trading in the bottom third of their 52-week price range. The team then uses fundamental analysis to determine which stocks enter the portfolio. This straightforward   Read more 

Performance Pillar:Positive

Columbia Value and Restructuring has performed in line with Columbia Contrarian Core SMGIX since Pope's tenure here. Because the two funds will soon merge, Pope's record at that fund is relevant for   Read more 

People Pillar:Positive

Guy Pope has worked for Columbia Management since 1993 and has managed this fund since 2012. He follows the same process here and at Columbia Contrarian Core SMGIX, where he has been lead manager since 2005 (pending shareholder approval, this fund will   Read more 

Price Pillar:Negative

This fund doesn't provide a convincing price advantage. The Morningstar Fee Level ranking of the Institutional share class (which hold 92% of assets) is Above Average, earning a Negative Price rating.  Read more 

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