Fund Research and Analysis

by Janet Yang, CFA
The John Hancock Multimanager Lifestyle suite of funds benefits from a deep investment team and a particularly strong approach to researching subadvisors. Yet among its number of moving parts, some have been more beneficial than others. On the whole,  Read more 

Process Pillar:Positive

This series stands out for its thoughtful approach to picking and monitoring its subadvisors, helping it earn a Process rating of Positive. Managers Marcelle Daher, Nathan Thooft, and Bob Boyda select   Read more 

Performance Pillar:Neutral

Morningstar's early 2016 move to five allocation buckets from three brought more clarity to this series' relative performance. Whereas Multimanager Lifestyle Aggressive and Growth previously resided   Read more 

People Pillar:Positive

The names on the masthead at the John Hancock Multimanager Lifestyle series have been shuffled around in the past couple of years, but the core team remains solid. The current roster consists of longtime manager Bob Boyda, as well as Marcelle Daher   Read more 

Price Pillar:Neutral

Most investors find their way into this series of funds through retirement plans. The Class 1 shares typically used in retirement plans generally have expense ratios that rank in or close to the middle   Read more 

Risky Large Blend Fund Is Excellent for Those With Patience 
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