Fund Research and Analysis

by Laura Lallos
Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth has produced middling performance with a reasonable but undifferentiated process, earning a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Neutral.Lead manager Ed Jamieson would like to do better. Jamieson, who has led the fund since inception   Read more 

Process Pillar:Neutral

The team maintains a database of small- and mid-cap stocks (defined as those within the range of the Russell 2500 and Russell Mid Cap indexes). They may use quantitative screens to sift through this   Read more 

Performance Pillar:Neutral

The fund has a strong record since inception: It gained an annualized 10.2% from its early 1992 inception through Sept. 30, 2016, versus 8.5% for the mid-growth category. However, much of that outperformance   Read more 

People Pillar:Neutral

Lead manager Ed Jamieson is one of Franklin Templeton's longest-tenured managers and has played a central role in crafting this fund's strategy. He has been at the helm since the fund's 1992 inception.Jamieson invited J.P. Scandalios to comanage in   Read more 

Price Pillar:Positive

The fund's low fees are one advantage it has over its average peer, and it earns a Positive Price rating. The bulk of the fund's assets are in the A shares, which charge a 0.95% annual expense ratio.  Read more 

Solid Process Behind This Foreign-Stock Fund's Success 
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