ETF Research and Analysis

by Matthew Diamond
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF VWO offers broad, market-cap-weighted exposure to large-, mid-, and small-cap stocks across 21 emerging markets, not including South Korea. It charges a 0.15% expense ratio, making it   Read more 

Bull Case

This is one of the cheapest emerging-markets funds.
This fund offers broad exposure to 23 emerging markets.
Emerging markets can add a significant diversification benefit to a U.S. equity portfolio. Read more 

Bear Case

This fund has significantly more exposure to Chinese stocks compared with its average actively managed peer.
Many large-cap stocks in this fund are government-owned; at times, these companies may place political goals above profitability.
Emerging-markets equities are very volatile, especially during periods of high uncertainty in global markets. Read more 

Christine Benz's Favorite Funds for Accumulators 
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