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by Alex Bryan
Value stocks may not be the most exciting, but they have historically outperformed their growth counterparts in nearly every market studied over long time horizons. Vanguard Value ETF VTV offers investors a low-cost way   Read more 

Bull Case

Historically, value stocks have outperformed growth stocks in nearly every market studied over long time horizons.
This is one of the cheapest value funds available.
The fund's benchmark applies generous buffering rules to limit turnover.  Read more 

Bear Case

The fund may not offer meaningful diversification benefits to investors who already have broad exposure to U.S. large-cap stocks.
Blend stocks dilute the fund's value tilt.
Value stocks tend to represent companies with below-average profitability and growth that may underperform in tough economic environments.  Read more 

A Bond Fund That Stands Up to Rising Rates 
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