ETF Research and Analysis

by Andrew Daniels, CFA, CMA
Vanguard FTSE Pacific VPL provides broad, market-cap-weighted exposure to developed-markets equities in the Pacific region. This exchange-traded fund is part of Vanguard's family of low-cost regional equity index funds   Read more 

Bull Case

Relatively stronger GDP growth in Asia may drive revenue growth for a number of companies in this fund over the long run.
VPL's holdings are domiciled in countries with well-developed financial systems and strong commercial laws. Read more 

Bear Case

Many of the companies in this fund are export-dependent. A slow global growth environment could weigh on the performance of this fund's holdings.
Japanese companies, which account for 60% of this fund, face a challenging domestic macro environment. While aggressive quantitative easing has provided an initial boost, many key structural changes needed for the economy have not yet been addressed. Read more 

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