ETF Research and Analysis

by Phillip Yoo, CAIA
IShares TIPS Bond ETF TIP is a well-managed and moderately priced option for broad market-cap exposure to Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities; this underpins its Morningstar Analyst Rating of Silver.
The fund tracks   Read more 

Bull Case

This is one of the cheapest TIPS funds available.
TIPS provide protection against unexpected inflation.
This is a good complementary holding for an equity portfolio given its historically low correlation with the S&P 500. Read more 

Bear Case

If inflation is below expectations, the fund will likely underperform non-inflation-protected U.S. Treasuries.
This portfolio has greater exposure to interest-rate risk than most of its peers.
Because the underlying index is market-cap-weighted and does not target a specific maturity, the fund's duration can change over time.  Read more 

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