ETF Research and Analysis

by Thomas Boccellari
FlexShares iBoxx 3-Year Target Duration TIPS ETF TDTT provides three-year targeted duration for a portfolio of Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities that have maturities between one and 10 years and more than $2 billion   Read more 

Bull Case

The fund’s target duration adjustments give investors consistent interest-rate risk across any market environment.
By investing in TIPS, the fund provides protection against unexpected inflation.
Short-term TIPS are less sensitive to interest-rate changes and can provide better protection against inflation than long-term TIPS. Read more 

Bear Case

There are cheaper short-term TIPS ETFs available.
If inflation rises slowly, the fund may underperform non-inflation-protected Treasuries.
Deflation could cause the fund to suspend distribution of monthly interest payments. Read more 

This ETF Takes the Euro Out of European Dividend Payers 
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