ETF Research and Analysis

by Robert Goldsborough
ProShares UltraShort QQQ is designed to deliver investors twice the inverse daily return of the Nasdaq-100 Index, which is the same index tracked by the popular PowerShares QQQ QQQ, also known as the Cubes. As a result,  Read more 

Bull Case

This fund allows investors to bet against a sector without having to deal with some of the disadvantages to shorting a security, such as unlimited downside and possible margin calls.
The risk/reward profile of an inverse ETF is arguably superior to a short sale of an individual stock. That's because the diversification across holdings helps diffuse some of the uncertainty associated with individual calls. Read more 

Bear Case

The index's top 20 holdings are generally very high-quality companies and disproportionately influence the performance of this index. If these firms perform well, then investors taking a position in this fund could suffer.
Leveraged and inverse funds are very risky and are best suited for sophisticated investors who understand the effects of compounding and volatility on the performance of this fund. Read more 

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