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by John Gabriel
Those who believe oil prices are poised to increase in the short to intermediate term could find iPath S&P GSCI Crude Oil Total Return Index ETN to be suitable as a tactical investment. Due to the extremely specialized   Read more 

Bull Case

This ETN provides a convenient and relatively inexpensive means for gaining exposure to crude oil futures.
The tax rules for ETNs are still unclear, but at the moment futures index-tracking ETNs require capital gains taxes to be paid only upon redemption or sale.
For those inclined to speculate in the oil market, OIL can be an efficient and effective means to that end. Read more 

Bear Case

The shape of the futures curve can cause OIL's returns to deviate from spot price returns.
This ETN charges path-dependent fees, which could raise the total cost of ownership significantly higher than the stated annual fee.
WTI crude oil futures can be extremely volatile and are often influenced by geopolitical risks. Read more 

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