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by Robert Goldsborough
IShares Global Tech ETF IXN offers broad exposure to the global technology sector. This sector-specific exchange-traded fund is suitable only for the satellite portion of a portfolio.
The average market capitalization of   Read more 

Bull Case

The top holdings in this ETF have strong balance sheets, which should support continued investment in research-and-development and growth strategies.
IT spending has been generally resilient, and worldwide is forecast to grow 3.2% in 2015, according to the Gartner Group.
Top tech firms have been working to reposition their portfolios to benefit from rapidly growing areas of technology, such as tablets and smartphones. Read more 

Bear Case

Several other tech ETFs provide similar exposure for less than half of IXN's expense ratio.
IXN's holdings operate in highly competitive industries characterized by rapid innovation that could quickly erode a company's economic moat.
As cloud computing and virtualization are transforming the industry, major players such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and EMC have had to develop new products that will likely cannibalize their legacy businesses. Read more 

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