ETF Research and Analysis

by Patricia Oey
IShares Global 100 IOO offers exposure to the 100 largest multinational, blue-chip companies in the world, which includes names such as Apple AAPL, Nestle NSRGY, HSBC HSBC, and Toyota TM. This fund is suitable for use as   Read more 

Bull Case

This fund's holdings are very high-quality multinational firms.
Many of these firms are well-positioned to capitalize on the faster-growing emerging markets. Read more 

Bear Case

Vanguard Total World Stock, a much cheaper option, provides broader exposure that includes small caps. Small caps generally provide better diversification as they are more leveraged to local economies.
With its large 60% exposure to U.S. stocks, this fund may have significant overlap with most U.S. investors' existing portfolios.
There are cheaper, similar ETFs available. Read more 

$4 Trillion, 4 Basis Points, and 4 Times-Leveraged ETFs 
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