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by Daniel Sotiroff
Morningstar will cease qualitative research coverage of iShares Global 100 ETF IOO on or about June 5, 2018, in order to reallocate our analysts to research other strategies. At that time, the last Morningstar Analyst Rating   Read more 

Bull Case

This fund is globally diversified across multiple developed markets.
The portfolio’s market-cap-weighted approach helps minimize turnover and transaction costs.
The fund’s holdings are focused on large multinational firms that have globally diversified revenue streams, which makes them less susceptible to country-specific risks. Read more 

Bear Case

The fund can hold only 100 stocks, which limits its diversification.
The portfolio’s holdings are concentrated among the largest multinationals, which can introduce some firm-specific risk.
The fund’s selection universe and criteria limit its exposure to mega-cap companies. Read more 

Ben Johnson's Favorite ETFs for IRAs  
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