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by Patricia Oey
IShares Core MSCI EAFE IEFA provides exposure to large-, mid-, and small-cap stocks domiciled in developed Europe, Asia, and Australia. This market-cap-weighted index fund invests in companies in 21 developed markets, an   Read more 

Bull Case

Many of the fund’s largest holdings are high-quality, multinational firms.
The fund is highly liquid, which should make it cheap to trade. Read more 

Bear Case

Despite its broad exposure, this ETF has not provided much diversification benefit for U.S. investors during the past few years.
A strengthening U.S. dollar could put a dent in the fund's returns, even if its holdings appreciate.
Investors looking for a one-stop foreign equity fund should note this fund does not hold Canadian or emerging-markets equities.  Read more 

Under the Hood of Multifactor Investing 
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