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by Patricia Oey
IShares China Large-Cap FXI tracks an index that includes the 50 largest Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong. While this is the most-liquid exchange-traded fund that provides exposure to Chinese companies, it is quite   Read more 

Bull Case

FXI invests in the largest Chinese companies with substantial economies of scale.
The Chinese government is attempting to transition its economy toward a more sustainable growth trajectory--away from capital spending and toward domestic consumption. Read more 

Bear Case

There could be some policy and regulation uncertainty in the near term as the government tries to engineer its economic transition.
The liberalization of interest rates will likely weigh on the margins of the big four banks, which account for a significant portion of this fund.
High levels of local government debt, a shadow banking system, and off-balance-sheet bank debt are risks to China's financial system and economy. Read more 

Les fonds à faible bêta sont-ils devenus risqués?  
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