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by Michael Rawson, CFA
WisdomTree LargeCap Dividend DLN is a suitable core U.S. equity holding for investors who want a value tilt and extra income. This fund targets high-dividend-paying companies forgoing the standard market-capitalization   Read more 

Bull Case

The fund is an inexpensive way to buy a basket of high-yielding stocks.
Because of a total-dividend weighting rather than a yield weighting, this dividend fund still concentrates in the largest, high-quality businesses, which are more likely to maintain their dividends.
The portfolio is well-diversified by stock and sector.  Read more 

Bear Case

Low-cost, but not the least-expensive dividend-oriented ETF around.
Money paid out to shareholders as dividends is not being reinvested in the business. This means investors frequently trade off some potential price appreciation for the higher current income. Read more 

A Simple Solution for Dividend Seekers 
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