ETF Research and Analysis

by John Gabriel
Investors might look to iShares Global Agriculture COW for diversified exposure to fertilizer and agricultural chemical producers, farm machinery and packaged food companies. This ETF offers global exposure to the agricultural   Read more 

Bull Case

Global population growth and increasing demand for food from emerging markets are sustainable tailwinds that will benefit the fund's holdings.
The fund provides access to the largest companies in the global agriculture industry that are best positioned to capitalize on global opportunities.
Low fees reduce the performance drag. Read more 

Bear Case

This fund's returns can be choppy, as its holdings are greatly affected by volatile grain prices.
A narrow focus on the agriculture space could make this a bumpy ride, especially if commodity prices decline.
The fundamentally weighted index may underperform a cap-weighted index if the future drivers of performance in the agriculture industry deviate from those of the previous 15 years. Read more 

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